About Me

  • Microsoft employee. Program manager for Analysis Services.
  • Definition of BI strategy and technical program leadership.
  • Led BI, data warehousing and application development projects since 1999.
  • End-to-end project life-cycle experience. Agile scrum practitioner and certified scrum master.
  • Creator of the BISM Normalizer, which is a database-compare tool for Analysis Services tabular models.
  • Speaker at PASS Community Summit, SQLBits, Silicon Valley Code Camp, SQL Saturday and other events.

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3 Responses to About Me

  1. Mike Saouda says:

    Christian, your normalizer rocks! Thanks. You saved me endless time on something that should be included in VS in the first place. I hope they buy you out for big bucks.

    You don’t have a machine learning blog, do you?

    Thanks again.


  2. Hi Christian,
    I’m a Power BI user from China and an mvp in this direction. I spent a year translating the The Chinese edition of the definitive guide to DAX, which is scheduled to be published in late 2020, I’ve invited Marco and the Jeffrey, as the original author and developer of the DAX language, contributed the foreword to this book, and I would also like to sincerely invite you to represent the The Power BI team writes a few words to the Chinese readers of this book.
    I would appreciate a response from you, thanks!
    You can contact me at gaofei@powerbigeek.cn

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