BISM Normalizer: Version 5.0 Released!

Download it from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Documentation has been updated in the Model Comparison and Merging for AS whitepaper, which discusses use cases.

Enhancements in Version 5.0

Offline metadata file support

Comparisons now work with tabular metadata file such as a BIM file as the source and/or target.

Metadata files are compared offline, without the need for an Analysis Services server instance. All validations are performed on metadata files except dependencies between M expressions because (in the current version) they require an Analysis Services instance.

File Source Target

1500 models

Calculation groups and many-to-many relationships are supported.

1500 diff

Power BI objects

In readiness for XMLA endpoint read/write, objects specific to Power BI are also supported:

  • Incremental refresh policies/partitions
  • Aggregations
  • Table level storage for composite models

Command-line enhancements

The following parameters can be used for command-line execution:

  • Azure AD credentials as command-line parameters to connect to source/target Azure AS servers.
  • Workspace server to be used for automated builds when using projects (SMPRJ files) as the source and/or target of a comparison.

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