My 2nd Wave

I experienced a breakthrough when I joined Conchango in early 2003. I felt empowered to work with the company’s leadership including Iyas AlQasem, and I quickly rose through the ranks amongst a team of highly talented consultants. I learned about BI and data warehousing from Dan Bulos, Mick Horne, Dan Perrin and Kristian Wedberg, who were seasoned pros I felt lucky to work with. I attended my first SQL PASS conference in 2003 with Mick and Dan P. I clearly remember walking out of our little hotel sensing that one day I would live in the Seattle area and work for Microsoft.

Since then, I spent 10 years in California, created my own company to bill for my services as a consultant, and generated additional revenue selling BISM Normalizer online. I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring my family to the US, ultimately become an US citizen, and transform the environment for my kids to grow up in. I probably became too comfortable in California.

In 2016, I bit the bullet and applied for a job at Microsoft where I joined the BI team. I learn every day from my manager Josh Caplan, the senior leadership team including Amir Netz and Arun Ulag, and architects like Marius Dumutru and Akshai Mirchandani. I believe the best leaders are also the best learners.

I wrote this post 4 months ago, well before my promotion to Principal Program Manager. I meditate every morning, feel gratitude for my amazing family and opportunities, and focus my mind wholeheartedly on my career goals. I believe there is more than enough to go around, especially for those willing to embrace change, and channel their thoughts to align with their aspirations. This is of course relative to one’s current standing and environment, but I believe it applies to all of us.

I have grown immensely at Microsoft. I created one of the few standout demos in the history of Microsoft BI, the “clicky-clicky draggy droppy” trillion-row demo, and established myself as a passionate, authoritative keynote speaker. I drive feature prioritization, planning, design, execution, customer engagement and business results by making Power BI, the most successful BI platform on the planet, even better for the biggest enterprise customers.

I am excited about where Power BI is heading, and look forward to learn every day from a team of highly talented individuals with a genuine desire to create something that is collectively greater than the sum of individuals’ contributions.

4 Responses to My 2nd Wave

  1. greg j kramer says:

    Inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Surush Cyrus says:

    Lovely story Christian and congratulations on your recent promotion. Well deserved.

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