BISM Normalizer: Version 4.0 Released!

Download it from the Visual Studio Marketplace.


Install latest AMO.

Enhancements in Version 4.0

Support for 1400 models

M expressions and structured data sources are now supported and validated.


The source model can be 1200 and the target 1400, but not the other way around.

Enhancement to retain partitions

BISM Normalizer has always supported retaining partitions in the target model. This can be achieved by skipping table-update actions. Additionally, if uncheck the “Consider partitions when comparing tables” option, tables with different partitions – but otherwise same definitions – are considered equal and automatically skipped.

In previous versions, if the user needed to change part of a table definition that is not part of its partition definition – for example, specifying a display folder for a column – he/she was forced to update that table, and the source partition definition was pushed to the target as part of the table update.

BISM Normalizer 4.0 introduces a new option “For table updates, retain partitions (not replace)”. When checked, partitions and their data are retained even when making other (non-partition related) updates to a table.

BNorm Options

Table updates with matching partition definitions automatically retain data in the target regardless of these settings.

Support for Visual Studio 2019

Update July 16 2019: BISM Normalizer 4 now works with Visual Studio 2019.

4 Responses to BISM Normalizer: Version 4.0 Released!

  1. AN says:

    It will be helpful if we could merge updates made in same table by two developer, for example if one developer add 5 columns to a table “A” and another developer add 4 columns to same table “A” in their respective versions of the code, we want to merge the Table “A” changes from both developers into one Tabular Model. That is not currently possible.

  2. pokdbz says:

    I’m having a problem with the Validation step, it hangs with the spinning hour glass. I have a Fact table that has 550 partitions. In that fact table I am hiding columns which I want to deploy. When I hit the validation it just spins forever and I cannot get to the next step to Update the changes. Is there a way to skip the validation and just do a straight deploy? Why is it just spinning forever?

    • Hi, I’d love to get a repro, although it might be a challenge (not sure if you can get a copy of the source/copy projects that you could send me).
      Have you tried the different options in the Options dialog? If yes, what are the settings you are using? Do you need to retain the 550 partitions in the target, but deploy the new hidden column properties? Does it hang if you try to update just that table and not touch anything else? If you want to take this offline, please e-mail support “at”

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