I’m speaking at the PASS Summit 2013!

Every year for the past 9 years, I’ve submitted (regular-session) abstracts to speak at the PASS Summit.  My last successful submission was 2005 Dallas. I was shocked and elated this year when it was actually accepted. In Shawshank Redemption, Tim Robbins’ character writes a letter every week for 6 years asking for new prison library books. The books have arrived.

My session is targeted at experienced SSAS developers moving to tabular, but novices can benefit too. I’m speaking Friday morning. There will be plenty of valuable content for to SSAS practitioners.


  • Database compare for SSAS tabular models (yes, I will be showing BISM Normalizer)
  • Deployment of large, enterprise-level tabular models

Multidimensional – leading into tabular equivalent, which invariably translates to DAX

  • Many-to-many dimensions
  • Measure expressions
  • Semi-additive measures
  • Default members
  • Removal of all member for non-aggregatable hierarchies
  • IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions property
  • ValueColumn dimension property as a property bag
  • Conditional formatting
  • CurrentMember vs. filter context
  • MDX vs. DAX

I’m also excited to say I’m doing the same presentation on the PASS Business Intelligence and Microsoft Big Data Track at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013, which is a PASS sponsored event. Here is a link to my session.

I’m looking forward to these great events!

I'm speaking

CodeCamp Number 8 at FootHill College.

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